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Arthur Rankin, Jr. ((July 19, 1924–January 30, 2014)

You’ve watched a production or two by this talented director and producer. Mr. Rankin and his business partner Jules Bass created cultural institutions that have entertained millions for generation and made the impossible possible. He worked alongside legendary actors and creators (including a group of animators who would later form the core of Studio Ghibli). 

While the Rankin-Bass name has been pushed aside thanks to the owners of their decades of output, no one could forget the shows, films, and specials they brought to the world. 

So, thank you, Mr. Rankin. 

oh no. <:c

Oh jeez, and i was talking about his cartoons so much yesterday D:

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What were they thinking: the Joseph Hansen cover collection →


So on Tuesday, we introduced you to brilliant Californian crime author Joseph Hansen. Today we’re going to share some of the, uh, interesting and downright baffling covers his books have had over the years. (I mean, obviously times change and tastes evolve, but then again, HUBCAP.)


There is…

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Country of Origin: England

Training: Slade School of Fine Arts

Notable Works: Farmer Giles of Ham, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia

Born in England but spending some of her early years in India, Pauline Baynes became most famous for her pen and ink drawings that graced the pages of many children’s literature. After a job in the Ministry of Defence drawing demonstration models, she was soon moved to the map making department. This was an obvious boon to her career when she went on to create maps for both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. She is most well known for illustrating the entire Chronicles of Narnia, even doing different covers for various editions throughout her entire life.

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In which the bear is tumblr


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